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We talk about, joke about, meme about mic drop moments. It’s when an idea, concept, phrase, statement hits you with such force that you pause, you re-evaluate, you gain valuable understanding about something. I had that moment in December when I began thinking about what I wanted my business to accomplish in 2020. It was a Grand Canyon size moment of clarity. I understood that my passion, my absolute passion, in running JWS Group is helping people figure out their career path. The ability to help people with something that impacts their life and the life of their family is incredibly powerful and humbling all at the same time. So, I talked through what that functionally meant with the ever insightful Caitlin Rogers and the Career Compass Program was born.

What is Career Compass you ask?

Career Compass is a customized method I have developed for helping people determine what they want to do next in their career. This program answers questions about going back to school, starting a business, making a significant job change, creating a job search after a downsizing or getting a promotion. It’s for people who are stuck and unsure about what their career path looks like.

I’m tremendously excited about 2020 and the clarity it will bring. I’d love to help you find that clarity professionally. Let’s connect. julie.shipman@jwsgroupllc.com