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Guided Coaching:
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Guided coaching is an opportunity to focus on a specific goal or area of your career development. Do you see yourself in any of these examples?

  • I would really like to build my business network but I don’t know where to start.
  • I just graduated from college but I don’t have a job yet. What’s the best way to start my career?
  • I’ve been meaning to finish my college degree. It’s been such a long time since I was in school. What do I do first?
  • I’m interviewing for a job I really want. What’s the best way to negotiate the offer I hope to receive?
  • Before COVID 19, I was promoted to a new position. How do I show my value in this new role?
  • My company has asked me to relocate. If I accept the offer, how do I handle the relocation? Will my company pay to move me? What if they don’t include a relo package when they offer me the job?
  • I’m been thinking a lot about leaving my current employer. How do I work with a headhunter or search firm?
  • My position was eliminated. I have no idea what to do next.
  • I’m new to the Twin Cities. I would like to identify some strategies to get connected professionally and personally.
  • I would really like to serve on a non-profit board. How can I find an appointment?


Contact us today. We offer a complimentary 20 minute coaching call to figure out how best to help you. If we can’t, we will happily refer you to someone who specializes in your specific need.