Guided Coaching: A customized approach focused on your specific path and goals.

Sound familiar?

I would really like to build my
business network.

Where do I start?

I’ve been thinking a lot about
leaving my current employer.

How do I work with a
headhunter or search firm?

My current company has
asked me to relocate.

If I accept the offer, how do I
negotiate for the relocation?

I’d really like to serve on a
non-profit board.

How can I find an

I’m new to the Twin Cities.

How do I get connected
professionally and

I’m interviewing for a job.

What’s the best way to
negotiate the offer I hope to

Your answers begin with guided coaching.

Guided coaching is your opportunity to focus on a specific area of your career development.

Sometimes the answer to your challenge requires a solution customized to your unique questions and goals. In our guided coaching, we’ll walk with you through answering your career questions, and we’ll guide you to the strategies you need to achieve what you really want in your work and life.

….helped me identify and utilize my strengths to acquire the best fit in the workplace.

Thank you for using your skills and talents to build my resume and guide me through the process of making a career change and obtaining new employment. I appreciate your approach to help me identify and utilize my strengths to acquire the best fit in the workplace. Because of spending many years at my previous career, I was apprehensive to enter the job search arena. You did a beautiful job of equipping me with the tools to be confident and view the process as seizing the opportunity to go after what is best.

– Rene, Small business owner making career change

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