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In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, the term “job” has taken on a whole new meaning. Whether you’re an individual trying to find your next job, or an HR leader that is working to support employees in their jobs, the challenges can feel greater than ever. There’s more stress, more pressure, more questions, and more unknowns… at least that’s the way it feels until you have the right guide walking beside you.

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Rewriting the resume got me the job!

I was testing the market for a new engineering position. I decided to post my resume and was receiving minimal interest. Upon finding a job I was really interested in, I contacted Julie. She reviewed my existing resume, changed the format, highlighted some things, and rewrote some sections. The feedback she provided, as well as direction on how to adjust before submission was invaluable. I landed the job and I am sure the adjustments Julie suggested played a major role. I am so grateful to Julie for her help, she is awesome!

– Jamie, Sr. Engineer

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