By: Julie Shipman, CEO |Founder

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I’m delighted to officially launch the Talent Advisory business for JWS Group – Talent Advisors. This new service will provide organizations with Talent Acquisition consulting in 3 key areas:

  • Strategy and creating recruiting programs
  • Unlocked – opportunities for Internal employees to grow their career…. within their organization
  • Hiring Manager and Recruiter skills training

This new business offering began as a concept in my mind last summer on our family vacation. There a photo on the website under the Talent Advisory tab that was taken on a hike in the Grand Tetons. This hike is where the idea became a concept which became Talent Advisory.

When I reflect on that moment – the idea turned into concept – so many of the details of that day seem like a metaphor for this business:

  • It was raining, lightly but enough to require rain jackets and pants in August. Pants in August doesn’t make sense, except when they do.
  • The Tetons were covered by clouds and mist, making them difficult to see. What’s obscuring your sight line?
  • The path was steep, slippery from the rain and tricky to navigate. Starting new businesses can be tricky.
  • Reaching the summit and being able to see in every direction provide a view, despite the rain, that took my breath away.

A wider view with multiple sites lines tends to coalesce information.

I have loved Talent Acquisition since my internship with United HealthCare when it was still a 7,000 employee company. I knew when I graduated from college I was going to work in Talent Acquisition. I knew it like I knew how to breathe. It just fit.

Ask me about Talent Advisory. I can’t wait to tell you about the site lines and how they can help your business grow.

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