February: The Price of Admission

By: Julie Shipman, Career Coach

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How much would you pay to see your favorite band live? If movie theater ticket prices doubled would you still leave the comfort of your home to see it on the big screen? What if it’s a movie in 3D? Relationships have a ticket price too. We just don’t think of them in those terms. Nevertheless, it costs us something to be in relationship with another person. Perhaps it’s ignoring the fact that a friend is ALWAYS 10 minutes late to meet you or maybe overlooking the all the details (relevant or otherwise) when a friend cannot help sharing them as part of their story. We overlook these things because the value we get from the friendship is worth the price to be in relationship with them. And what seems like a steep price to you may feel like a penny to someone else. Is this the way to pick our friends? -Interesting question for another blog-. It’s also worth noting here, I’m not referring to the relationships where someone is physically, emotionally or mentally abusing another person. I’m talking about the small annoyances that occur in healthy friendships.

This begs the question, is that tolerance quid pro quo? Meaning, are our friends accepting annoyances from us? If so, should they? Think about that for a minute; what is the price of admission to be in relationship with you? Then begin to think about what that means in the workplace. Are we willing to tolerate a less desirable behavior in a colleague, employee or boss because what they accomplish, influence or create, outweighs the “cost” associated with working with them?

How can Career Compass help?

In February, JWS Group is rolling out a new program called “Guided Coaching”. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the opportunity to work one on one with a career coach to gain weekly, bi-monthly or monthly coaching, for a set period of time to work on something specific. It is the perfect opportunity to work on something you would like to alter, improve, stop doing or learn. Maybe it’s learning how to interview, develop a strategy for networking (ask about the ‘Tables of Influence’ format), identify and change a behavior that is limiting your career, determine once and for all if you can start a business, or find the motivation to complete a degree. Whatever you would like to do, hiring a coach can make the desire a reality. I’d love to help you find that clarity. Let’s connect. Julie.shipman@jwsgroupllc.com

*If you are interested in learning more about the Career Compass Program or the Price of Admission attend one of the White Box Club sessions I’m doing in March. For more information about White Box Club visit their website at https://www.meetup.com/The-White-Box-Club-Twin-Cities-Meetup/