Prince, mentorship and fulfillment

Have a question or comment? Connect with me at Prince was more than a musical genius. He was a mentor. I’m from Minnesota and I never saw Prince perform live. Not once. While it is hard to reconcile missing out on such an incredible musical talent, we all benefit [...]

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Meetings are dumb

Have a question or comment? Connect with me at Meetings are dumb. People hate them. Why? Let me count the ways: There is no agenda and no clear objective for the meeting. The person who called the meeting is not prepared, has technology problems or can’t keep the assembled [...]

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Synonyms and Antonyms | Managers and Friends

Have a question or a comment? Connect with me at Valentine’s Day and February and red hearts – all synonymous with love. Did you know that there was a real person, Saint Valentine? Actually, the Catholic Church recognizes 3 saints named Valentine. They were all martyred so perhaps Valentine’s [...]

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