Rewriting the resume got me the job!

I was testing the market for a new engineering position. I decided to post my resume and was receiving minimal interest. Upon finding a job I was really interested in, I contacted Julie. She reviewed my existing resume, changed the format, highlighted some things, and rewrote some sections. The feedback she provided, as well as direction on how to adjust before submission was invaluable. Long story short, I landed the job and I am sure the adjustments Julie suggested played a major role. Julie displays a love for the industry and has proven knowledge of what employers are looking for in all aspects of the hiring process. I am so grateful to Julie for her help, she is awesome!

- Jamie, Sr. Engineer

Instinct for recognizing skillsets within abstract job backgrounds.

It is my privilege to write a reference for my employment mentor, Julie Shipman. I first met Julie several months back as I was seeking out a professional way to restructure my career path. With a very music heavy resume and a general cover letter, Julie was able to give me the tools needed to obtain an Assistant Project Coordinator position at a market research facility. One defining characteristic of Julie’s insightful work is her instinct for recognizing skillsets within abstract job backgrounds. She has been able to work efficiently with young adults hoping to start their careers as well as middle age adults seeking to transition into a new role. This proves to be very important in working with individuals of all ages, with their varying career paths, who may not be able to fully recognize how their strengths can apply to many fields of employment.

- Drew, recent college graduate

Recommendations made a big impact...

I am very grateful for your detailed review and through analysis of my resume. Your recommendations made a big impact on how professional my online profile looked and as a result I had quite a few companies contact me with open positions they have available.

- Okan, Sr. IT Leader

….helped me identify and utilize my strengths to acquire the best fit in the workplace.

Thank you for using your skills and talents to build my resume and guide me through the process of making a career change and obtaining new employment. I appreciate your approach to help me identify and utilize my strengths to acquire the best fit in the workplace. Because of spending many years at my previous career, I was apprehensive to enter the job search arena because of a lack of confidence in my skill set as well as intimidation by the modern process of networking, not to mention changing careers is typically stressful. You did a beautiful job of equipping me with the tools to be confident and view the process as seizing the opportunity to go after what is best.

- Rene, Small business owner making career change